West Pilbara Lithium Project - Artemis 100%

West Pilbara Lithium Project (Artemis 100%)

Artemis controls approximately 144 km2 of prospective tenure adjacent to Green Tech and Azure Minerals where significant mineralisation has been found within pegmatite intrusions within Andover Mafic Intrusive and basalts of the Roebourne Group (Figure 1).

A review of the Company’s historic regional exploration soils database indicated elevated lithium and lithium pathfinder elements within exploration licences E47/1746 and E47/1797 (Figure 2).

The data has defined seven distinct lithium cluster anomalies within E47/1797 and E47/1746 with elevated Lithium above the 95th percentile (Figure 2). Two of these anomalies also correspond with two broad rubidium anomalies, and form part of the initial reconnaissance programs in identifying potential lithium bearing pegmatites.

First pass field reconnaissance exploration programmes have now commenced to investigate the source of the lithium soil anomalies.


Figure 1: Artemis Resources prospective exploration tenure in relation to notable West Pilbara Lithium exploration companies
Figure 2: Plot of levelled +95th percentile Lithium soils data with circled anomalous trends
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