Radio Hill is not just the processing plant...but we also have a nickel/copper/cobalt resource, including stockpiles of ore.

Radio Hill has an existing nickel/copper sulphide Resource of 4.02 Mt @ 0.51% nickel and 0.88% copper remaining in the existing underground workings and mine development, and down plunge along the basal contact. There are also stockpiles of mined material of around 300,000 tonnes and all the processed tailings that may have reprocessing value with recent developments in technology. This stockpile and tailings material is non-JORC, but is the result of historic mineral processing of nickel and copper ores from Radio Hill since the commencement of operations back in 1986. 


MineralisationClassificationTonnesNi %Contained Ni (t)Cu %Contained Cu (t)
Primary Sulphide Indicated 1,980,000 0.61% 12,078 1.04% 20,592
Primary Sulphide Inferred 2,040,000 0.42% 8,568 0.73% 14,892
Total   4,020,000 0.51% 20,646 0.88% 35,484

Radio Hill from helicopter


Ed and Alex at stockpiles at Radio Hill

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