We need somewhere to process all of our projects for gold, cobalt, copper, platinum – so we simply bought the only processing plant in the region. Welcome to Radio Hill.

The hub of the ‘hub and spoke’ model is the 425,000 tpa Radio Hill Processing Plant. We’ve estimated the full refurbishment with a gravity gold circuit to cost $5.25m, which would take six months. It might be hard to believe, but this is the first that a processing plant and resources near Karratha have been consolidated into one company. Artemis identified many different projects – gold, cobalt, copper, platinum – and we knew that to make this all work we’d need a processing plant – so we simply bought the only processing plant in the region. This heavily reduces the long lead time to start a mine, we already have a plant, with a granted mining lease, biodiversity surveys have been completed, our groundwater licences have been granted, the environmental operating licences is granted, we have piped freshwater from the Water Corp, we have electricity from the Northwest Interconnected System and haulage roads. This plant was running during the 2000s and we are recommissioning the Radio Hill plant..


view of crushing plant and fine ore bin at radio hill

plate of watermelon seed nuggets from purdys reward with a weight of 547 4 grams

purdys reward gold nuggets flat and rounded and up to 13 grams from surface detecting


The focus on Radio Hill is clearly on the processing plant, but the plant used to be part of a nickel/copper mine – we now have these resources as well:

 M47/161,M47/337  4,020,000 t Nickel = 0.51% 20,646 t
Copper = 0.88%  35,484 t

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