Corporate Governance

The Company is committed to implementing the highest standards of corporate governance. In
determining what those high standards should involve the Company has turned to the ASX Corporate
Governance Council’s Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations.

The Company is pleased to advise that the Company’s practices are largely consistent with those ASX
guidelines. As consistency with the guidelines has been a gradual process, where the Company did not
have certain policies or committees recommended by the ASX Corporate Governance Council (the
Council) in place during the reporting period, we have identified such policies or committees.

Where the Company’s corporate governance practices do not correlate with the practices recommended by
the Council, the Company is working towards compliance however it does not consider that all the
practices are appropriate for the Company due to the size and scale of Company operations.

Details of all of the recommendations can be found on the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s website at:

Please read Artemis Corporate Governance Statement to view the full PDF version of our Corporate Governance statement.