Artemis Resources is exploring for the future. We are an ASX-listed exploration company focusing on the next stage of the Pilbara. We call this Karratha 3.0. For the first time, one company has consolidated deposits of gold, cobalt and copper - with a fully-permitted processing plant. 

Artemis is putting the puzzle pieces together

We've been accumulating companies, tenements, expertise and local know-how. Now the 'Hub and Spoke Model' is unveiled. Our deposits are within 40km of the processing plant - we have environmental licences, mining leases, electricity, water, roads and for a small investment this plant could be back up and running after six months of refurbishment. We've been busy in 2017 drilling for cobalt at Carlow Castle, acquiring Fox Radio Hill Pty Ltd, buying and renaming the Mt OscarWits tenement and entering into a joint venture with Novo Resources to explore for conglomerate gold and paleoplacer gold. Our plans are accelerating - with more drilling, trenching, studies and joint ventures to come.

Artemis Resources is realigning itself in 2017

We have new management, new joint-ventures, media traction, more deposits, additional funding, a refreshed logo and the updated website and social media. We’re refocusing on the Pilbara. This is one of the world’s greatest geological areas – from the billion tonne reserves of iron ore, or the flowing natural gas and now possibly a world-class deposit of conglomerate gold similar to the Witswatersrand Basin – at Purdy’s Reward. This is an exciting time. In January our market capitalisation was around $9 million, by August we cracked the $100 million mark and we're now within the top 100 WA-based ASX-listed companies.

The Pilbara is well endowed in resources, but for too long the non-iron ore deposits have been forgotten

Local prospectors have been fossicking for gold for years. There are reports of Rio Tinto forebear CRA hitting 11.7g / t of gold down a deep drillhole, but they dismissed this as CRA was in the iron ore business, not gold. In the early 20th century there were government mineral reports of ‘watermelon seed’ gold nuggets – but no one investigated these further. Then there’s the story of the 1971 drill holes by Westfield Minerals at Purdy’s Reward looking for base metals – they didn’t even bother about the gold, but knowing what we know now…they would‘ve been literally walking over our gold nuggets to set up the drill rig. We’re finding gold where others didn’t even acknowledge there could be gold. This is because the gold we’re finding is a different type – it’s not your typical Australian gold – it’s more South African – as if the gold deposits came from the same vein as the Witswatersand Basin. This South African mining mecca is where one third of the world’s gold has been mined, ever. After carefully staking tenements, acquiring companies and forming a joint-venture with Novo Resources, together we control most of the mining rights south of Karratha – and this could be a massive gold deposit. We’re not sure yet – but the upcoming drilling, trenching and bulk sampling will elucidate this story. 

Hub and Spoke Model

Then we apply the ‘Hub and Spoke Model’ to use our fully-permitted processing plant at Radio Hill and who knows what other deposits are out there? Well, we do – so we’ve staked claims for cobalt, copper, zinc, diamonds, platinum, palladium and more gold. In fact, similar to gold, cobalt has been overlooked for years. Cobalt was used primarily in high performance alloys – but now the demand for cobalt has surged due to the huge growth in battery storage for renewable energy. Other companies have drilled for gold and copper in the Pilbara such as at Carlow Castle – but they didn’t consistently assay for cobalt, yet the metallurgy shows that the mineral was cobaltite. Artemis is listening to what the ground is telling us and we aren’t forcing our pre-conceived notions on these deposits. Cobalt - along with lithium - can fuel the boom in battery storage from your watch, electric vehicle or grid-scale batteries. 

Artemis is the kind of company that you want to see succeed

Artemis Resources is a small company, but with a nimble team we are progressing our tenements, approvals and geological resources. We now have a steady stream of ASX announcements and new revelations all the time. Artemis is the kind of company that you want to see succeed. Can we prove a game changing gold discovery at Purdy’s Reward? Can we develop cobalt exports from Carlow Castle to fuel the revolution in renewable energy battery storage? Can we refine the JORC resource at Munni Munni for Australia’s largest deposit of platinum and palladium? Can we refurbish the Radio Hill plant and process a bountiful collection of ores?


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